Our clients in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario turn to our Calgary based firm for various reasons. Some value our seasoned expertise and robust education in investment strategies. Others appreciate our unwavering dedication to addressing their needs promptly. Here are a few instances highlighting why clients entrust us as their financial planning partner, along with the tailored solutions we have crafted for them, including retirement planning and estate planning, overseen by our dedicated planning group.

 Girish, you and your team have been top notch, as far as we are concerned. It has been a joy to work with you and we feel very confident in your abilities to help us down our financial road. Absolutely 10 star performance. 

Roger & Valerie

 Girish and his team are the "top guns" in wealth management. I have worked closely with a number of his team and have been more than satisfied with their knowledge and willingness to answer all of my many questions. I wish we had moved all of our investments and signed on with them many years ago. I have recommended Agrawal Associates to many of my friends and family. 

Jacquie Burke
Certified Executive Coaching, Oil and Gas

 Girish is a very generous planner. He put the needs of my family ahead of his own opportunity for reward. He spent months with my family analyzing our finances and coaching us into a position to start planning our financial future. I continue to recommend Girish to anyone needing help with their financial stability or investment needs. 

Trevor Cleall
Associate, Manager, Electrical Engineering

 We trust Girish with all of our financial and life planning matters. We have had several planners in the past and Girish is by far the best. His approach to wealth creation and financial planning has not only added significant value to our portfolio but we have peace of mind knowing that it is being managed by a professional who has high integrity and knowledge. 

Scott Hillier
Sr. Water Resources Engineer, ConocoPhillips Canada

 Girish is a very smart investment and wealth planner and has managed my investments very well. I receive well-respected returns on my investments while minimizing risk at the same time. I would highly recommend Girish to anyone who is looking for investment management services. 

Bal Krishna “BK” Kaushik
President, Arch Quality Management Inc.

 Girish is a very meticulous financial planner professional who cares very deeply about the welfare of clients and those he works with. His passion is to work with those who want to help others. Thus, one of his financial planning focus is on Charitable Giving and working with new Canadians.

You will not meet a more caring planner who focuses on the needs of others! 

Ken Teramura
Business Consultant

 Girish is a profound financial planner professional and we trust him with our financial planning. He demonstrates integrity and cares for clients and their needs. Girish has been my financial planner professional for the past 10 years and has guided me around wealth management and the result of his financial planning has been phenomenal and has made a very positive impact on my life. He is an awesome financial advisor! 

Anita Lal
Executive Assistant, Alberta Health Services