Giving back to the community

Agrawal Associates Private Wealth Management is proud to be a member of the Calgary community and regularly supports worthy causes related to education and health.

Summit for Dignity

In 2016, Girish Agrawal successfully climbed Mr. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. As part of this initiative, he set out to raise $250,000 for The Aga Khan Development Network, a non-profit international agency that supports social development programs in Asia and Africa. The goal is to help bring proper sanitation to 700,000 people in India.

Summit for Dignity

Supporting our future

Girish Agrawal is proud to provide an annual award for a full-time student enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor of Communication program at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Enhancing medical education

In 2012, Girish Agrawal provided a significant endowment to the Calgary Health Trust to support the continuing education for staff specific to the treatment of contagious diseases. Not typically funded by the government, this private support allows medical professionals to enhance their training each year.

Plan Canada

Through Plan Canada, Agrawal Associates Private Wealth Management supports the education and living expenses of two young girls — one living in India and the other in Nepal.

IG Empower Your Tomorrow

As a Canadian company, we believe in giving back in ways that can make real and meaningful differences in communities from coast-to-coast. Our commitment starts with IG Empower Your Tomorrow, a program dedicated to increasing financial confidence of all Canadians.

By using our expertise in financial planning, we deliver foundational financial education and resources to Canadians who need it most. Through this work, we empower Indigenous Peoples, newcomers, seniors and youth to manage their personal finances with confidence. It’s these kinds of positive changes that help create stronger communities and a better future for everyone.